Elpro Join Hands with Shiksha Seva Foundation to Empower Girl Child

International Women’s Day is a time for us to celebrate the fabulous women of the world

जंबाज कैंसर मरीजों ने उठाया मस्ती भरे दिन का लुत्फ

Ratibha Vasantotsav Festival Revives The Guru Shishya Parampara

PTC Foundation Trust extends support to the underprivileged children of Sunaayy Foundation

Two government schools in Faridabad get a facelift

पाश्चात्य शिक्षा पद्धति से समाज की देश संस्कृति नष्ट हुई

Education and Sustainability to be Focus Areas for M3M Foundation in 2020

Rene Mey is coming to India this month to share his wisdom

महिलाओं का जीवन अधिक जटिल

Collaborative Nature Photo Walk Organized on Jan 5, 2020 by Natural Biodiversity Group

कुंभ मेला हेागा तंबाकू मुक्त

New kitchen will serve freshly cooked, hygienic and nutritious meals to over 21,000 children

Indian NGOs celebrate the formal adoption of the 2019 Resolution on the Rights of the Child by the UN General Assembly

सार्वजनिक स्थलों पर धूम्रपान करने वालों की खैर नही

Soul Miracles Organises Third Annual Cancer Prevention and Healing Event

Harvard Global Health Institute and SaveLIFE Foundation develop innovative mechanisms to prevent road traffic injuries/crashes

मनरेगा में दिव्यांगों को रोजगार : छत्तीसगढ़ कई बड़े राज्यों को पीछे छोड़ा

Wearing a helmet decreases the risk and severity of injuries by 72 % 

REC Paves the Way for Progress in Aspirational Districts through its CSR Initiatives

A walk to promote equal opportunity and Inclusion

CBM India Trust and Pratham Launch AfA Tool

Empowering Rural Children with Computer Literacy

Pilot project started for providing quality education to the children of interior village

Cancer is the leading cause of death globally

SOS India rewards talent, celebrates child rights

पशुओ को भी चाहिए अधिकार और स्वतंत्रता

Akshaya Patra’s New Kitchen Inaugurated in Mandya District of Karnataka

Parivartan Inspire Award to Sehgal Foundation’s founder and chairperson, Dr. Suri Sehgal

Maharashtra Prison Staff improve their Life Skills