Narendra Singh Tomar

KVKs and agricultural scientists have an important role to play in overseeing agricultural development in the country

Union Government accords very high priority to the agriculture sector

Large quantum of funds that are being routed through the Rural Development programmes

Honey is being adulterated with high fructose corn syrup or rice, tapioca, sugarcane and beet syrup

Scheme ensures protection of crop loss for entire cropping cycle, from pre-sowing to post-harvest activities

This fund will be utilized for creating post-harvest infrastructure to avoid wastage of crop produce

The agriculture sector has emerged as a major strength

Who will strengthen the rural economy

The hike in the MSP for mature dehusked coconut facilitates procurement of fresh coconut

It will be implemented at the grassroots level with active coordination between 11 ministries of the Central Government

NCDC has been proactive in delivering innovative solutions for the cooperative sector

Promoting Beekeeping as part of its aim to double farmers’ income

International community has lauded India’s efforts

It provides an opportunity to access more markets for trade to traders

Regularly monitoring the situation

e-NAM online platform has proven to be a giant leap in reforming the agriculture market in India

Mobile App to facilitate transportation of foodgrains and perishables during lockdown

Proper hygiene and sanitation should be ensured at all public places

Farmers should not face difficulty

Agriculture is among the top priority sectors accorded by the Prime Minister

Need to look into the past

भाड़े के लोग भ्रम फैला रहे है

Data revolution promises to change how statistics is gathered

It will be difficult

Krishi Kisan App is a Medium of Knowledge

Registration opens for PM Kisan Maan Dhan Yojana

ZBNF help farmers in reducing the input cost

Both sides should continue to work towards providing market access

Agricultural exports should be increased

India is an agricultural country