Narendra Modi

Today India is fighting terrorism in a new way and paid his respect to the security forces

We have ensured energy efficiency is not limited to one ministry or department

Positivity in thinking and possibilities in approach should always be kept alive

focus should not only be on quantity of such redressals, but also on quality

The government is keeping a close watch on the development of vaccines

Narendra Modi, Sonu Sood, Anand Mahindra, Virat Kohli & Others Top Engagement Charts on Indian Twitter

Accommodation for the Members of Parliament has been a long standing problem

Now water scarcity and irrigation issues will be resolved

It is not an easy thing to graduate at a time when the World is facing such a big crisis

The projects will provide household tap water connections in all rural households

India and Bhutan share a special partnership

Government always tries to engage with stakeholders in the tech industry and chart out future-proof policy frameworks for India

India has always shown the path of peace, non-violence and friendship to the world

130 crore Indians are standing strongly with the forces

Today, farmers are being encouraged to increase production

It is natural to be proud of one’s ideology still, on the subjects of national interest

It is a big change in the country's tax system

Empowering all alone will take the nation towards achieving the solemn goal of a self-reliant India

Count Every Drop of Oil To Become Aatmanirbhar Bharat

The village poor and the farmers are the biggest pillars of the AtmaNirbhar Bharat campaign

Transportation by waterways is many times cheaper than road and railways and also causes less damage to the environment

Today the country is working in new ways to achieve maximum potential in every field

India welcomed Italy’s decision to join ISA as soon as the ratification process is completed

Each Party shall encourage the participation of the representatives of their countries in round tables

The MoU will contribute in strengthening bilateral cooperation and mutual understanding

It would facilitate better understanding of the regulatory aspects between the two sides

The goal is to create a broader ecosystem of knowledge and innovation in the country through global interactions

The recent statements made in the Parliament of the neighbouring country brings out the truth

There is a need to revise the ex-mill price of ethanol derived from different sugarcane based raw materials

It will strengthen bilateral ties between India and Cambodia