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शुरुआती निदान देता है सर्जरी से छुटकारा

Early detection of bone cancer can prevent limb amputation 

More than 11 lakh new cases of cancers being diagnosed each year

लाइव डोनर लिवर ट्रांसप्लांट- भारत में बदलते परिणाम

37-year-old woman susceptible to breast cancer risk undergoes preventive surgery

Recurrent headaches can be an indication of brain tumour

Middle aged people opting for robotic weight loss surgeries

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Only 10% of the patients receive organs timely

Myths and Facts – Breast Feeding

कैंसर के 40 प्रतिशत मरीज तंबाकू के शिकार

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Max Hospital holds free health camp for ISB women employees

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