Manohar Lal

बनेगा भारत माता का मंदिर

​ Haryana is way ahead of its neighbouring state​​

People should plant at least one plant

New dimensions of development have been established

10 years old Auto Rickshaws in Gurugram will now go off road

State will bear expenses of medical assistance

Make it more strict and practical

The colors in our Tricolour have special significance

We are proud of our brave soldiers

Will be remembered for decades

There is no provision

Pakistan has got what it deserves

Target has been set

Farmers would get big relief

Youths were freed from the addiction to drugs

Gita has been showing right path

Taken steps towards the welfare of women in a true sense

State has speed up the pace of development

Purposes as the matter of right

Would give new trajectory of growth to the country

People have accepted our working culture

He is feeling same knowledge and wisdom

Would also lay the foundation stone of over eight projects

Ensure hundred per cent compliance on Business Reform Action Point

Always played a vital role in resolving issues

Expressing happiness over the initiative of Haryana Police

MFMB is a mechanism for obtaining information

Increase of employment opportunities is need

Hindi is the official language

Industrial Town is being restored