M. Venkaiah Naidu

Encourage cycling in a big way

Good quality education is the most potent ways to reduce poverty

India’s commitment to protection of human rights is unequivocal

Development must be people-centric and nature-centric

Ethical and responsible leadership need of the hour

Our education system should focus upon our traditional knowledge

It is time to create a code of conduct for journalists

We need to focus sharply

Would convey the message of truth and non-violence

Reoriented curriculum must focus on aspects that make a child capable

These art forms are the living testimony of our creativity of our ancestors

Character-building should become the essential dharma of education

It should be a matter of concern for all stakeholders

There is a need to create awareness and educate people

Right time for India to recapture its past glory

India got the highest ever FDI in 2018

Vivekananda believed in the uplift of humanity

Poor women getting LPG connections

Tolerance is at the core of India’s value system

Empower the last man in the queue

Taking care of the needs of the poor

School curriculum should be oriented

Promote Indian systems of Medicine

Universities must play a meaningful role

Facing lifestyle disorders

Potential to become global aviation hub

PPP could be the model for providing better rural healthcar

Private sector must ensure

It was unfortunate

National Policy on Older Persons must be implemented