M. Venkaiah Naidu

Great opportunity for history enthusiasts

Nation must invest much of our resources

We must keep on adding to the knowledge

Schooling must lay emphasis on the overall development

India has always been a proponent of peace

Education must empower an individual

Collective actions were needed

Neither success nor failure is permanent

Need to introduce structural changes

Need to focus on ocean centric technology

We need to translate economic growth into inclusive & sustainable development

India is respected and regarded world over

It was important for the Indian Pharma industry

Institutions must become a centre of excellence

Education system should be reoriented

India and Argentina should work actively

India and Paraguay shared common value

India and Costa Rica have close and cordial ties

There is a need for decisive action

Vice President embarks on a visit to Paraguay and Costa Rica

His bravery and professional integrity in the face of adversity

world is full of opportunities and one must seize them

World community should reach to a consensus on automatic sharing of information on economic offenders

UN must conclude the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism

FM station would provide a platform

Central governments must work as Team India

There can't be a better example of Unity in Diversity

It is unfortunate

Education transforms an individual into a responsible human being

Atal ji strengthened the democratic roots