M. Venkaiah Naidu

Everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food

They are able to express themselves better

It would definitely encourage people to stay fit and healthy

Shri Viswanatha’s works probably attracted the maximum research and study by young writers

Then India would have been a dry desert

This attitude goes against the grain of our 5000 years old civilisation

We must create a Sashakt Bharat, a Swabhimani Bharat, and an Atmanirbhar Bharat

The British rule had shackled India's growth, impoverished it in many respects

This turn around resulted in average productivity of 78.42% during 2019, the highest since 2010

This far reaching legislation has certainly made a difference to the real estate sector

The construction of Ram Temple is much more than a religious affair

Laws which do not find a place in a progressive society must be repealed without prejudice and without delay

There was no other alternative  

It can help us move forward to strengthen our political, judicial and administrative systems,

Nobody is totally safe and the invisible virus can infect anybody

Religion is a pathway to individual salvation

He made continuous efforts to boost Science & Technology

The planet does not needs us while we need the planet

University to take prompt action on finalizing the examination calendar as well as on filling up vacant positions

Most of the countries have ended the lockdowns and have started focusing on economy

This was a major shift from the inward orientation of the previous regimes to a new trajectory of globally integrated development

Large number of studies offer scientific evidence for its potential to treat a number of diseases

Uncertainty continues to haunt the people

World will emerge victorious in fight against COVID-19

Data regarding the extent and rate of spread of virus infection will have a bearing on exit strategy.

It was everybody’s  duty to halt the transmission of the virus

Prompt action will greatly help India in its fight against COVID-19

Authentic information is provided to the people

Fit India should become people’s movement

No dearth of policy formulation in India