M. Venkaiah Naidu

Agricultural festival is truly unique

We must celebrate our women scientists and create role models for the girl child

India's leap of science with the vaccine announcement is a clear manifestation of the spirit of Atma Nirbhar Bharat

GDP growth is not the sole indicator for a country’s progress

30,000 plus plastics processing units are employing over four million people across the country

Games and puzzles are an important component to nurture inquisitiveness

It is a boon and will benefit more than 72 percent of India’s farmers

India has the potential to lead the Global Green Building Movement

It is important to remain rooted in one’s own culture, heritage, and traditions

Terrorism is a serious threat to democracy

When entrepreneurs succeed, they create economic opportunity not only for Indians, but for people all over the world

Unfortunately its effect is mostly felt

Digital India initiative for preparing the nation for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Education without values is no education at all

Farmers should be encouraged to take up allied activities

He was a great ruler who epitomized good governance and always remains in people’s hearts

India is fighting it with strategic alertness and prompt appropriate action and the international agencies

The good work should continue and the Government and Industry should work togethe

Pandemic has demonstrated to humankind the dangerous consequences of disrupting nature and its habitat

They acquire greater relevance in a world that is facing new challenges

Healthcare and medical facilities should be accessible and affordable for all

Everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food

They are able to express themselves better

It would definitely encourage people to stay fit and healthy

Shri Viswanatha’s works probably attracted the maximum research and study by young writers

Then India would have been a dry desert

This attitude goes against the grain of our 5000 years old civilisation

We must create a Sashakt Bharat, a Swabhimani Bharat, and an Atmanirbhar Bharat

The British rule had shackled India's growth, impoverished it in many respects

This turn around resulted in average productivity of 78.42% during 2019, the highest since 2010