M. Venkaiah Naidu

We are facing both symmetric and asymmetric threats from outside and within

The states should increase spending on health to more than 8% of their respective budget by 2022

The school curricula should lay greater emphasis

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy

The entire nation is proud of its Paralympic athletes

The poet had an open mind to blend anything new which was good for humanity

Democracy in India is not just a collection of streams of constitutions, it is our life stream

Climate change is real and called upon everyone to respect and live in harmony with nature

The lack of a trained force is a bottleneck in our exponential growth

India is fast-moving towards becoming the global leader

Universities should revive and promote traditional Indian sports

Language is one of the foremost aspects of our cultural heritage

The private sector can contribute in a big way

Spirituality is the master key of India’s great culture

Khadi as an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric certainly meets the requirement

A people's movement is needed to preserve the ‘living culture’ of language

Rural India and folklore cannot be separated

This historical pilgrimage filled him with a sense of pride about the vison and skills of our ancestors

As a farmer's son, he understands the importance of water for agriculture

India wants friendly relations with all its neighbours

Every industry must have a ‘skill development centre’ to upskill trainees and employees

Today all diaspora Indians are our cultural representatives and India gets recognition by their success

Fine-tune the tool and present it to the nation at the earliest

This is critical to accelerate India’s economy in the coming years

People must come together in one voice

Temples in Cambodia and Vietnam showcase the rich legacy and spread of Indian civilization

No polity in the world is fully prepared against the unknown threats of the future

Languages thrive and survive only when used extensively

Vice President to examine the matter

We should act as ‘trustees’ to our natural environment, as Gandhiji advised