M. Venkaiah Naidu

Vote is not only a right but a responsibility

India's cultural and civilizational legacy binds its people together

India is the world’s third largest consumer of crude oil

Fast-tracking rural development is integral to the growth of the nation

Youth today should understand the significance of festivals

India-US collaboration in healthcare can reap great benefits not only for our countries, but for the entire world : Vice President

Indian languages ​​have played an important role in keeping the overseas Indian community connected with the motherland India

A strong Navy is indeed a prerequisite for the nation's growth and the construction of the aircraft carrier is a step in the right direction

The Vice President releases the book ‘Dr V L Dutt : Glimpses of a Pioneer’s Life Journey’

If an MP or MLA does not discharge functions effectively, he or she would have no moral right to question the executive at various levels

only 16.6% women researchers are directly engaged in R & D activities

This approach opens new vistas of growth and development through availing lifelong opportunities of socio-economic

National media should give space to all Indian languages and their literature

National Education Policy seeks to address various issues and pave the way for India to become a Vishwa Guru once again

Elected representatives must remember that "they cannot disrespect the parliament and degrade democracy : Vice President

The medium of education must be in mother tongue up to higher education and for technical courses too

Vice President launches Gautam Chintamai’s book ‘The Midway Battle: Modi’s Roller-coaster Second Term’

The COVID pandemic gave a timely reminder

The 360-degree viewing system of the Vistadome coaches will make the journey an unforgettable experience for the passengers

Theatre art form needs to reinvent to attract the audience, particularly the younger generation

The ultimate goal of technology is to bring happiness in our lives and solve the serious problem of people

Differently-abled persons can excel in any field if an enabling and conducive environment is created for them

This is the first time since 2013-14 that agriculture gained this economic prominence

The empowerment of women is essential for accelerated national progress : Vice President

We cannot rest on our past laurels : Vice President

We cannot act recklessly and invite another wave : Vice President

Our mother languages connect us with our heritage

The governments should invest in creating latest educational infrastructure : Vice President

The National Awards not only highlight the talent pool in the Indian film industry but also reflect its richness and diversity : Vice President

It is necessary to use existing words effectively and create new Telugu words in line with changing trends : Vice President