M. Venkaiah Naidu

Citizens of India must open our doors and our hearts to people of all faiths, cultures and regions

No place for violence

It was evident from the fact

Adopt these programs and turn them into people’s movements

e-NAM should be expanded to all regions in every state

Children need to develop empathy and not sympathy for the less fortunate

Way of ballot is better than the bullet

अनुच्छेद 370 हटाना भारत का आंतरिक मामला

Government is always willing to discuss any issue as decided by the Chairman

Adhoc Committee makes 40 recommendations

Some people are trying to belittle their contributions

They provide the window to our past and the civilizational values of ancient India

Brings people closer to one another

Some effective measures would be put in place

It was necessary

Impartiality and objectivity of press is of supreme importance for a democracy to survive and flourish

Let us perform our duty to make India mighty

There cannot be a better time than now for us

There is an inherent risk of making ourselves irrelevant

Veer Savarkar was a multidimensional personality

Wealth is not for individual luxury

It has been India's unseen unifying force

India offers very good investment opportunities

He was extremely impressed

A nation with unhealthy population cannot progress

There is no alternative at present

There was immense potential for growth

Our education system should reflect Indian culture and traditions

India growing at a faster rate than other major economies despite global slowdown

Common vision unites us