M Venkaiah Naidu

ONGC apprises Vice President of its investments in Andhra Pradesh

Democracy would be the looser

India has the potential to become the third-largest economy in the world

India would not accept any outside interference in its internal matters

Protection of nature and preservation of culture together would lead us to a better future

You are destroying your own future

There was no scope for violence in democracy

Come up with innovative and out-of-box ideas

All Indians must work together

Unity is the need of the hour

Constitution provides equal opportunities to all citizens.

Indian family system was the strongest USP

Connects us with our past and the future

Historically India has been a lighthouse of knowledge

Personal attacks should not be made, while policies could be criticized

It is important for the private sector

Language was lifeline of a culture

Global warming was a reality

Government was proactively working on lifestyle modification

People must move forward in a constructive and positive manner

New India must be free from narrow walls

India would always be grateful

It was the time that we go back to our roots

There was an urgent need

Guiding the people across the globe

The time has come for India to once again

Every Indian must strive to protect the unity

Efforts must be made by the scientists and researchers to guide people

Solar alliance would play an important role

We have always given the most esteemed and respectful positions