M Venkaiah Naidu

Our planet's health depends upon our choices and our actions: Vice President

The remote sensing satellite data and images have become indispensable tools in enhancing efficiency

We have to think of ways to reduce tension and make people’s lives comfortable and happy in today’s world : Vice President

The scientists, policymakers and media should take the lead in this matter

Naidu stressed the need for upholding transparency and accountability in public life

The government’s focus on the need for accelerated progress of the North-East can be gauged from a range of initiatives

India has no dearth of talent

The use of drones for smuggling arms and drugs has become the latest challenge

This was largely facilitated by India’s indigenous vaccine, Covaxin and other vaccines like Covishield manufactured in India

Return the economy to a high-growth track

The need of the hour is to initiate actions that return the economy to a high-growth track

In the fiscal year 2021, the total FDI inflows stood at US $ 81.72 billion, which is a 10% year-on-year increase

There was no alternative to taking the vaccine

Top priority should be accorded to education and health sectors

Vice President lauds the role of DRDO labs in treatment and management of COVID-19

Literature opens pathways to new experiences filled with hope and optimism in difficult times

We need to go beyond books

We are still not totally out of the woods

The people’s verdict must be respected in a democracy

It can contribute immensely towards fostering scientific temper in the country and improving research outcomes

I have a soft corner for orphaned children

Protecting children from the virus should be accorded priority

The book inspires people to take up terrace gardening

Everyone should actively participate in planting trees

Project showed the possible benefits of the fourth industrial revolution

Ancient India was a great maritime power

We will not be able to create a healthy society if the health needs of women get neglected

India should lead way in bridging the divide

Biotechnology has emerged as the backbone of various industrial sectors

Such linguistic skills can lead to better cognitive development in children, as multiple studies show