M Venkaiah Naidu

Writing in the mother tongue was the best way to reach out to the masses

Many NGOs were supplementing the efforts of the governments at the Centre and in the States through similar activities across the country

Our culture, our cuisine and our welcoming attitude towards foreigners can help in attracting more visitors to India

India has made several notable contributions to the world of astronomy from ancient times to the modern era

The bold economic reforms initiated by him have helped in accelerating the country’s development

The new strain was 71% more infectious than the other strains

The government has already declared that they are always ready to hold a dialogue with the farmers organizations

Women deserve high seats in all spheres of decision-making

I had many occasions to interact with Dr Kalam

India condemns terrorism in all its manifestations

Women spend over 200 million hours every day to fetch water from distant place

The NEP seeks to make Indian education holistic, multi-disciplinary, and practical

The people must be prepared to face future challenges

Everything's possible if everybody understands the challenge before mankind

This will pave the way

The challenges were still huge and need to be addressed

Glorious heritage and richness of a language can be protected and preserved only by passing it to the coming generations

Much more needs to be done to change the societal mindset

Innovation must become the heartbeat of education

Indian institutions will be counted among the world's best

There were many shades and facets of freedom movement

The new India will be based on unleashing the forces of inclusive growth

She was a passionate nationalist and always expressed her views in a forthright manner

We must ensure that habitats are not destroyed to make space for new infrastructure

New India needs vibrant young thinkers who are willing to experiment and explore

कोई उपाय तलाशो 

Producers in agriculture are not organized and often their views go unheard

We have to be ever vigilant and fight this menace together

All stakeholders to make collective efforts in providing the right information to people.

No country could make progress if women were denied equal opportunities