Kumari Selja

हरियाणा कांग्रेस में बड़ी फेरबदल - कुमारी सैलजा बनी अध्यक्ष

नमः शूद्र, पोड/पोन्ड्रा तथा राय सिख जातियाँ होंगी अनूसूचित जातियों में शामिल - मुख्यमंत्री से सोपा केंद्र को ज्ञापन

Mainstreaming Disadvantaged Groups A National Priority : Kumari Selja

Most of the programmes of the UPA Government are right-based : Kumari Selja

Ministry has been making strident efforts in creating inclusive cities through its various urban renewal as well as slum free city programs : Kumari Selja

There is a urgent need to provide education to children with disability : The President

All Issues Relating to SCs/STs and Dalits Need to be Addressed : Kumari Selja

We will deliberate on important issues relating to senior citizens : Kumari Selja

Kumari Selja Assumes Charge as Union Minister for Social Jusice & Empowerment

The prime requirement for preparing the cities for change is proper urban planning : Kumari Selja

Professional training and capacity building, awareness-raising among local populations : Kumari Selja

Commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Motilal Nehru

We can achieve our goals by strengthening rather than destroying institutions : The President

India is concerned and committed to ensure sustainable management of its urban historic areas : Kumari Selja

A high level eight member delegation led by Abul Kalam Azad called on Kumari Selja and HUPA

The programme will cover important aspects of museum leadership : Kumari Selja

Government has not formulated any specific action plan for the conservation and development of culture of the tribals living -: Kumari Selja

Archival material is part of our heritage and it must be treated with respect : Kumari Selja

The acquired material would be housed in the National Archives of India : Kumari Selja

The two countries will actively collaborate and share their experiences in the field of human settlements : Mokgwetsi Masisi

Dr. Manmohan Singh chairs meeting of National Committee on celebrating Motilal Nehruji's 150th birth anniversary

Kumara Selja inaugurates an Exhibition “Stamp of the Past: Indian Heritage in Philately”

Kumari Selja inaugurated the National Resource Centre on Urban Poverty, Slums and Housing

Digital experience has undoubtedly over taken all other forms of outreach but it is limited to mere visual appeal : Kumari Selja

Museums have always played an important role in our society by bringing us closer to our roots and making us aware of our glorious past : Minister Kumari

A successful parliamentarian and an outstanding statesman besides being a reluctant but effective lawyer : Kumari Selja

The street vendors have a constitutional right to pursue their occupation, without any detriment to the interests of the general public - Kumari Selja

Monument including the four Minarets is quite stable in plan as well as elevation - Kumari Selja

Our built heritage is testimony of our history and each and every child must have access to and take interest in this heritage - Kumari Selja

Tthe country needs many more people to become actively involved in protecting - Kumari Selja