kalraj mishra

राष्ट्रीय संसाधनों के अधिकतम उपयोग आधारित शोध-अनुसंधान पर दिया जाए ध्यान

अशोक गहलोत बुधवार को कर सकते हैं शक्ति परीक्षण

संकट के समय को हम आपसी समन्वय से निकाल लेगें

विश्व गुरू माना जाता था

संविधान हमारा मार्गदर्शक है, हमारा मूल ग्रन्थ है

राजस्थान का नाम रोशन करो 

जागरूकता अभियान ज़रूरी

दिव्यांगाें को सहयोग दें

व्यावहारिक शिक्षा आज की आवश्यकता 

Dedication and hard work impresses

HPBSAG should focus on providing Yoga training

Complete recruitment process in a fixed time frame : Governor

NABARD could contribute more in strengthening the agricultural economy

Institute will help in strengthening the rural economy

People of beautiful state are honest

MSME is making concrete efforts in line with ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make In India’

State has emerged as a model for other states

It will help in increasing the odds of getting skilled jobs for the people

MSME will play an important role in making India a startup hub

Ministry will do all the possible assistance : Kalraj Mishra

Charkha is the symbol of Gandhian values : Kalraj Mishra

Kalraj Mishra Launches Budget Edition of Laghu Udyog Samachar

Innovation is a harbinger of socio-economic development : President

Good Governance and Employment Generation to Focus in MSME

MSME to Develop 39 Clusters for the Benefit of more than 10000 Artisans

Kalraj Mishra reviews MSME Procurement Policy

MSME is a sector that projects a nation to growth : Kalraj Mishra

All schemes and campaigns will be focused in Laghu Udyog Samachar : Kalraj Mishra

Khadi is able to compete in today's global marketplace and to realize the vision of Gram Swaraj : Kalraj Mishra

Highest dividend ever paid by NSIC : Ravindra Nath