K K Kapila

दिल्ली में वायु प्रदूषण कम करने के लिए 2020 में चाहिए टिकाऊ समाधान

Most of the holiday makers hit the road to various destinations for year end celebrations

Punjab Ranks 18th And Haryana 14th In Number Of Fatal Road Accidents Among States In The Country

India accounts for highest number of road accident deaths in the world - More than 1.51  lakh died in the year 2018

Non exemption of private  cng vehicles is giving a wrong signal to the clean fuel vehicle buyers

IRF Stress on finding permanent solution to vehicular pollution rather than short term plans

CSR project initiative aimed to promote road safety education in over 20 government and private schools

India accounts for more than 11 per cent of the global road accident fatalities

FICCI infrastructure committee welcomes augmented budgetary allocation for infra sector

Delhi witnessed 94 more road accident deaths in the year 2018 as compared to the year 2017

India’s deepening farm crisis

India accounts for 10 % of global road deaths highest in the world

Indian roads witness over 500,000 road accidents each year

IRF & PHD chamber jointly organise Fast Tracking Road Safety A curtain raiser to NITI Aayog’s Global Mobility summit

Global road safety body IRF appeals to political parties for early passage of amended motor vehicle act in the current parliament session

IRF Indias’s two day seminar on "environmental protection and safety during construction" on july 13 & 14

IRF expresses concern at heavy death toll in bus accident

India needs to halve road accident deaths by the year 2020

IRF for strict enforcement on trcuks and vehicles carrying rods, pipes or any protruded material beyond the body frame

Next Generation Quick Launch Bridges are need of the hour in India as they can Save time and cost

Global road safety body expresses concern at increasing fatal road accidents in the capital

IRF for strict adherence of norms for school transport

Most of user's are not aware about concrete construction of Yamuna Highway

IRF for strict enforcement on trcuks and vehicles carrying rods, pipes or any protruded material beyond the body frame

IRF alleges single and double cylinder diesel engine working for postponement of bharat vi norms

It is very important that citizens welcome the New Year with happiness and safety

IRF expresses concern at increasing fatal road accidents on agra lucknow expressway and yamuna expressway

IRF transport ministers forum for making esc systems mandatory for all vehicles as minimum vehicle safety standard

India accounts for 10 per cent of global road accident deaths with about 1.50 lakh fatalities annually , highest in the world

FIA to hold special session on innovations in future urban mobility during wrm 2017