Most of the holiday makers hit the road to various destinations for year end celebrations

IRF Stress on finding permanent solution to vehicular pollution rather than short term plans

All sectors including the health sector need to be fully engaged in responsibility, activity and advocacy for preventing accidents

IRF suggests setting up of unified nodal agency to tackle drainage and water logging problem in delhi during rains

Rajasthan state will soon switch to automated driving test and driver training

India accounted for more than 10 per cent of the global road accidents

Government to develop safer designed and engineered hill roads with long bridges and tunnels instead of round the hill roads : Anand kumar

IRF Institutes national road safety awards for recognizing journalists efforts in generating road safety awareness

Ministry of road transport, delhi government, traffic police and irf join hands for black spot programme in capital

Global road safety body irf writes to various political parties in the country to join hands for reducing fatal road accidents and improving road safety

civil society should be engaged as partners in the drives to address major road safety concerns

RJ from Tri-city chosen to Represent India at International Radio Festival

Tenth Meeting of the Financial Stability And Development Council Held Under the Chairmanship of the Union Finance Minister