INVC NEWS Dehradun

PM Modi set a target of delivering water to every house in five years

New educational institutions being opened

Strike by state government employee banned under employees conduct manual.

President appreciated the folk culture

Salutes the brave soldiers

There is no dearth of talent

Scheme is being implemented in the entire state

Corrupt officials are in jails

Makar Sakranti is a festival of new beginning

Uttarakhand is hill and border state

Rivers to be rejuvenate

State is trying to bring out the sports talent

Quality education is a burning issue

Banks contribute a lot to the development of the state

Huge investment expected in project

We believes in permanent solution

Tourism is important for economic strength

Development is state’s commitment

Wellness is possible with Yoga

We will stop corruption

Our villages are digitally strong

Dedicated his life for serving the nation

PM is taking the strong India ahead

Providing assistance for films shooting

Govt. is very strict on cases of women harassment

Organic farming is being promoted

Ancient temples are a unifying force

Government is working on zero tolerance

Every possible effort is being made

Uttarakhand could be compared with Switzerland