कोरोना पूरी तरह नियंत्रण में

People with diabetes are at up to 50% higher risk of a fatal outcome and severe health complications due to COVID-19

Children’s Hospital expands footprint in Namma Bengaluru

India’s daily new recoveries have been exceeding the daily new cases since more than a month

रात में सोते वक्त पैर पटकने की आदत है तो हो जाइए सावधान

The country is now witnessing substantial improvements in COVID parameters

India’s Case Fatality Rate stands at 1.49%.

दिल्ली में कोरोना विस्फोट

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Ultra mini scope technology helps patient with calyceal diverticular stone in kidney to recover faster

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दुनिया में आ चुकी वायरस की दूसरी लहर

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla reviewed the COVID-19 situation 

India continues to occupy the top global position as the country with the maximum number of recoveries

50% COVID-19 cases show gastrointestinal symptoms

पटाखों की बिक्री और आतिशबाजी पर लगाई रोक

रोटियों को सेहतमंद कैसे बनाएं

India continues to report a trend of steadily declining active cases

80 फीसदी के करीब रिकवरी रेट

These allow optimization and flexibility in utilizing available resources

India has witnessed a significant success in its collective fight against the global pandemic

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Celebrate Blue Diwali 2020 This Year

अंगदान से 8 लोगों को मिला जीवनदान 

India has achieved a significant milestone in its fight against COVID.

World Stroke Day - Stroke is the second leading cause of death

कोई भी नहीं छूटेगा

Cravings during pregnancy – Food to avoid

85 प्रतिशत लोगों पर कोई साइड इफेक्ट नहीं

विशेष टीकाकरण अभियान लेकर सरकार प्रतिबद्ध