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Myths vs. Facts on COVID Vaccine

They are looking forward to the outcome of this Phase II clinical efficacy trial on Colchicine

The recent rapid surge in COVID-19 cases, including in tier 2 and 3 towns, requires immediate action to contain spread of the virus

Vietnam Pudding Market Outlook to 2025F

Russia is the most trusted vaccine producer alongside the US

With 12 Million Known and Over 90% Undiagnosed Cases, India May House World’s Largest Number of Glaucoma Patients

India needs a third vaccine to fast forward the fight against COVID 19

Covid 19 ups demand for efficient last mile delivery and intra-city logistics

Thyroid a lifelong disease, proper medication can help keep a check on the disorder 

Second wave will not be as severe as first one, and would be shorter and fizzle off sooner

Condition had a 75% mortality rate, had claimed the lives of four of the patient’s siblings; patient had a high risk of paralysis and death

Sputnik V registered in countries with total population of over 1.1 billion people

Rising trend of breast cancer in india

India has crossed a significant milestone in the fight against the global pandemic

India has been recording a steady decline in the number of daily new deaths since 1st October 2020

No case of serious/severe AEFI/Death attributable to vaccination till date : COVID-19 Vaccination programme –Day 22

India’s average daily new cases also show a clear downward slip in the last 5 weeks

शोध से दुनियाभर में पैरालिसिस से पीड़ित करीब 54 लाख लोगों के लिए उम्मीद जगी

COVID-19 vaccination program : More than 19.5 lakh Healthcare Workers Vaccinated across the country

In a landmark achievement, India’s total recovered cases have leaped over the Active caseload by more than one crore today

New cases per million population in India in the last seven days are 87- It is one of the lowest in the world

The daily cases in India are registering a consistent decline on a daily basis

India has crossed a crucial milestone in its fight against the global pandemic- The daily new cases have touched a new low today

India Neomycin Market To grow at a formidable rate during the Forecast Period

Thailand Blood Gas & Cardiac Biomarker Analyzer Market Future Outlook & Projections

Indonesia Pharmacy Retail Market Outlook

Global glycobiology market to be valued USD 1,934.09 Million by 2025 

Non-Contact Thermometers Miss 5 Out of 6 Fevers

India has registered less than 40,000 daily new cases after six days

DIGITAL EVOLUTION : Is digital addiction more lethal than any other addictions ?