Adequate security arrangements should be made

Plants should be loved like children

Many schemes has started for welfare of the media persons

Programme is to make the students proficient

​ Haryana is way ahead of its neighbouring state​​

New dimensions of development have been established

State gives financial assistance to couples who go for inter-caste marriage

10 years old Auto Rickshaws in Gurugram will now go off road

Instructions have been given to all Commissioners

Efforts are being made

Police to launch campaign against cyber crime

Plantation is an important goal

Government is very sensitive toward overloading

Law and order in Haryana is better

India's farmers make serious efforts

Guru Nanak Ji had a special attachment with Kurukshetra

India is an agricultural country

New education policy being framed

Students can play the role of the most effective messenger

State will bear expenses of medical assistance

Haryana ranked first in the country

Special attention will be given to safety

Make it more strict and practical

The colors in our Tricolour have special significance

e-Girdawari will soon be made compulsory

CM Manohar regularly monitors Saral portal

Painting would be helpful in minimizing the risks

65000 jobs provided during present government

70.34% of voting recorded in Haryana

Voting screen is reusable