Hardeep Puri

These factors make up for a quintessentially inefficient supply chain

MoHUA had the broad objectives of making urban India open defecation free

फ्लाइट्स  की उड़ानों के बारे में जल्द 

Solid Waste Management & Recycling Must for Sustainable Growth

Local levels will help to achieve the goals of sustainable growth

Ministry is well on it's way to achieve the targets

27 Union Ministries and Departments and 17 State Governments having joined this grand initiative

Participatory democracy, transparency and accountability are the the key pillars for new urban governance

The technical cooperation measure will support approaches for sustainable urban development

National Orientation workshop organized for Assessment of Liveability indices for 116 cities in India

There is a new benchmark in terms of project implementation

ABD and Pan City Projects - Rs. 1,998.49 Crore Kept Aside for O&M, Cost of the Mission and Other Contingencies.

Indians should be able to enjoy a clean and sustainable environment: Puri