It would go a long way in strengthening Red Cross activities

विश्व गुरू माना जाता था

Reviewed the current global and domestic macro-economic situation and financial stability

Terrorism remains a challenge for the world

Bhaiya Dooj symbolizes the love and affection

Education opens new vistas in an individual’s life

Youngsters should take inspiration

Suitable environment necessary for scientific thinking: Governor

Understand Indian tradition means to understand Indian nationality

Efforts should be made to mobilize resources for gearing up welfare activities

Maharaja Agrasen and his ideals still inspire us: Governor

He would visit every university soon

Healthy Mind-Healthy Body is PM's Vision

Dedication and hard work impresses

HPBSAG should focus on providing Yoga training

Complete recruitment process in a fixed time frame : Governor

NABARD could contribute more in strengthening the agricultural economy

Institute will help in strengthening the rural economy

People of beautiful state are honest

Work of Acharya Devvrat as the Governor will always be remembered

Book gives a global view on land registration system

Do away with rote method of teaching

Tiger Rapta will inspire sportsman

Natural farming is the best way

Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical practice

Global warming is posing a serious challenge : Governor

Teachings of Lord Rama give us spiritual power

Central Government is fully committed

Drug abuse is emerging as big challenge

आमजन के लिए खुला रहेगा राजभवन