Smuggling and counterfeiting activities leads to economic crisis, unemployment and poverty

The pandemic saw a huge setback for the manufacturing sector including the alcohol industry

J&K Govt to give priority to address the menace of Smuggling and Counterfeiting

Need for close cooperation between Police & Customs organizations to combat menace of illicit trade

Businesses and industry must come together and partner with the government to become a greater force in fighting this growing threat

Occurrences of cases of counterfeiting and smuggling much more than reported

Economic security cannot be treated as separate from physical security

Public policy and strong enforcement are needed to address counterfeiting and smuggling

Seizures of illicit cigarettes jumps by 800% during COVID times

Assam government boosts promotion of local goods to counter illicit trade

ILLICIT cigarette smuggling is a formidable challenge before the Nation

Chhattisgarh govt committed to promote local products, eliminate illicit trade in the State

Gold, Cigarette and Liquor, having high tax arbitrage top the list of smuggled goods

Over 3.34 Lakhs Jobs are lost due to smuggling of cigarettes

Need for a coordination agency to address menace of economic crimes 

FICCI CASCADE and TRACIT issues warning on illicit products during Coronavirus crisis

FICCI CASCADE holds candle light congregation at Shimla

Punjab illegal cigarette industry 20% of total market

Freedom from Fakes and Smuggled goods