Elections 2014

No victory rallies in Burdwan after counting: DM

General Elections 2014- Voting starts in 117 seats in phase 6, stakes are high for Congress and BJP

भाजपा ने गिलानी के दावे को ‘‘बेबुनियाद और शरारतपूर्ण’’ बताया

"I am not going there (Varanasi) to defeat anyone, but to win hearts. Once I meet them all, they will love me." Narendra Modi

The TDP will be a part of the NDA now- BJP and TDP joins hands in Andhra Pradesh

Flanked by Narendra Modi,LK Advani files his nomination from Gandhinagar

चुनावी माहौल मेँ कांग्रेस को लगा एक और झटका, सांसद सतपाल महाराज हुए भाजपा मेँ शामिल