Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh

Countries in WHO South-East Asia Region sign declaration to fight COVID-19 as ONE

Traditional Medicine systems in India in the effort to achieve universal health coverage

Regional Regulatory Cooperation Must for Improving Availability & Quality of Medical Products

Defeating malaria demands high-impact, country-led and owned approaches

WHO South-East Asia Region uses polio legacy to enhance overall immunization

It’s time to seize the moment and accelerate progress to End TB

Strong political commitment to end TB by 2030

Eliminate leprosy-related discrimination, prejudice and stigma to end leprosy for good

Accelerate progress against HIV/AIDS by making quality testing accessible to all

Make toilets and safe sanitation services accessible to all

Families are the first line of defense in the battle to prevent and manage diabetes

WHO congratulates India for significantly reducing child deaths

Countries in WHO South-East Asia to intensify efforts to control dengue, eliminate malaria

EMTs need to be standardised, strengthened and well-coordinated

Countries in WHO South-East Asia Region resolve to make essential medical products accessible, affordable to all

Major outbreaks averted, thousands of lives saved; but Rohingyas continue to be vulnerable: WHO

WHO lauds India’s commitment to accelerated sanitation coverage

DPR Korea, Timor-Leste eliminate measles, six countries in WHO South-East Asia achieve rubella control

Breastfeeding provides the strongest foundation for lifelong health and optimal nutrition

This population should be at the center of our efforts to achieve universal health coverage

Urgent action is needed to find, test and treat the missing millions suffering viral hepatitis

It is critical to identify who are missing vaccination

Yoga is a valuable tool to increase physical activity and decrease noncommunicable disease

Fortify blood and blood product systems to save lives

Promote hand hygiene to enhance the safety and quality of health care facilities

Fast-track efforts to eliminate rabies: WHO

Accelerate efforts to address air pollution : WHO

Sustain high-level commitment to beat malaria across the WHO South-East Asia Region

Reach every child, adolescent and pregnant woman in the WHO South-East Asia Region with life-saving vaccines

Prioritize Universal Health Coverage; provide quality health services to all