Dr. Mahesh Sharma

President of India presents Tagore Awards for Cultural Harmony

NSD Inaugurates 20th Bharat Rang Mahotsav

Sanskriti Kumbh is deemed to showcase all aspects of Indian Culture

Jallianwala Bagh shall undergo necessary redevelopment

No programme can succeed without people's’ participation

Its our responsibility to project our rich Cultural heritage on the world platform

The number of Good, Satisfactory and Moderate days increased

New discoveries are continuously taking place

Our heritage is our identity

Dr. Mahesh Sharma releases 3 books at IGNCA

Jaipur is the next proposed site for UNESCO World Heritage recognition

All agencies together are taking forward the message

India has a long history of cultural exchanges with China

Proud of the rich cultural bondage between India and United Kingdom: Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Healthcare should not be commercialized

Stakeholders are and must act as givers to the society

Luminaries Galore At The Closing Ceremony of 8th Theatre Olympics in Mumbai

All the projects undertaken by the NCF are completed within a specified period

All States & Union Territories except West Bengal are participating

Environmental issues are not technical issues

More than Rs.240 Crore released for 12 cities

NMM engaged in documentation of Indian manuscripts

People have become more aware

India set to host the global festival for the first time

Government India is committed to showcase India’s cultural vibrancy to the entire world: Dr. Mahesh Sharma

There is no proposal to completely ban use of pet-coke

Engagement of Communities Important for Protecting and Managing Living Heritage: Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Discussed with him the ways for expanding cultural exchanges between the two countrie

It remains a unifying force among nations

​​​India-Afghan Festival is a unique event: ​Dr. Mahesh Sharma