dr jitendra singh

There should be a competitive federalism among the employees : Dr. Jitendra Singh

He will certainly give due consideration to all the inputs received from them : Dr Jitendra Singh

Six initiatives of the DoPT and observance of Good Governance Day

Department is following strictly the principal of ‘Minimum Government and Maximum Governance

Innovations come from challenges : Dr. Jitendra Singh

Announced of Rs. 207 crore for Majuli upliftment

Presence of an airport will make the accessibility more convenient and increase the number of tourists : Dr Jitendra Singh

Yet another attempt to portray and acquaint Northeast to the people living outside the region : Dr Jitendra Singh

Cashless payments at Purbashree stalls in Dilli Haat

Ministry has taken several initiatives to improve the Grievance Redressal mechanism

fully alive and committed to implement its policy of 'zero tolerance against corruption

Waste management facilities are planned

Our future focus shall be on control : Dr Jitendra Singh

The government has demonstrated its commitment : Dr Jitendra Singh

Northeast has huge potential

There are possibilities being explored to set up more nuclear installations in other Northern States : Dr Jitendra Singh

Kendriya Bhandar would have to move forward

Terrorist forfeits his entitlement to human rights the day he resorts to terrorism which is the biggest violation of human rights. : Dr Jitendra Singh

Special day has been dedicated : Dr. Jitendra Singh

Considering that the State of Jammu & Kashmir is hugely dependent on central funding

His ministry will fund entire Indian section of proposed rail route from Agartala to Bangladesh

I would forward their case to the MHA and seek its views on the issue : Dr Jitendra Singh

I will personally monitor the project

It was an irony that even though normally a cadre review exercise is expected to be conducted every 5 years

We working out a suitable provision to overcome the problems faced by the West Pakistani Refugees : Rajnath Singh

Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh accomplished

Aimed to target the people living in the remotest corners of the country : Dr Jitendra Singh

All the 103 district headquarters in the Northeast are planned to be connected : Dr Jitendra Singh

Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2013 pending in Parliament : Dr Jitendra Singh

Dr Jitendra Singh addresses the workshop on e-Office organised by DARPG