dr jitendra singh

Need to change the mindset of the people for the success of the mission

GST will play an essential role in positioning India nation in the global economy

We are indebted to Indian Army which serves the nation not only in the times of disturbance

We are all committed to implement the Prime Minister’s vision

An appropriate view and follow-up will be done

Now people feel motivated to file a complaint

He would get the proposal evaluated and try to assess what is the feasible support that can be offered in this regard

Bar Association will soon start a campaign across the State to mobilize the public opinion

Nation is proud of the contribution made by the community in the social and cultural life

Government has lived up to its claim to provide maximum governance

This is not only a health priority but also a national priority

Making New India to be theme of Civil Services Day 2017

JVs with PSUs for Nuclear Power Generation

Government has increased annual intake of IAS officers

Intellectual honesty as important as intellectual thought : Dr Jitendra Singh

North East is a very good tourist destination : Kirron Kher

It would go a long way in providing an opportunity to the youth

Union Govt brought Nuclear programme to North India : Dr Jitendra Singh

The students pursing journalism act as opinion makers for the society : Dr Jitendra Singh

The North Eastern Region is on a high priority for the Central Government : Dr Jitendra Singh

More updated and latest methods of art propagation should be adopted : Dr Jitendra Singh

Youth are the most affected section of society

NER should play a leadership role in the Swachhta drive : Dr. Jitendra Singh

MoU will send a message to Universities : Dr Jitendra Singh

The government has given importance to citizen-centric government : Dr Jitendra Singh

Two communication satellites are planned to be launched

Central Government has tried to vindicate the lapse of the earlier decades : Dr Jitendra Singh

There is no second opinion : Dr Jitendra Singh

Air and rail connectivity is being given priority : Dr Jitendra Singh

North East region will keep inspiring us for times to come : Dr. Jitendra Singh