dr jitendra singh

Divorced daughter will be eligible for family pension

New India will be inspired by the aspirations of youth

Technology plays an important role in the governance

Some Ministries are also implementing specific Schemes/Incentives to attract investments in the North Eastern

These are some of the reforms which are meant to clean the economy of India

'Ease of governance' linked with 'ease of living': Dr Jitendra Singh

​Women Government employees commissioning Surrogacy to get maternity leave: Dr Jitendra Singh

People should come and see these paintings to encourage other artists: Dr. Jitendra Singh

Special impetus have been given to organic farming

It was evident more than enough at World Economic Forum at Davos

It might not be possible to easily visualise the local perspective in different countries

Signifies the keen desire of the world industrial players to collaborate with India

Film maker will have to learn to relate to and act as torch- bearers of the PM's incredible new initiatives

Arunachal Pradesh welcomed the New Year by making the state Open Defecation Free: Dr. Jitendra Singh

The other departments and state governments will also follow this system

The construction of bunkers has been a long standing demand: Dr Jitendra Singh

It is our responsibility to see that all sections of the society get due justice

The handloom and textile products from Northeast have been given due boost

This will be a game - changer for the entire region : Dr. Jitendra Singh

Noxeno has been 100% invented, designed, engineered and manufactured in India

Exclusive "Rural Livelihood" scheme for the Northeast

We need to explore this unexplored potential for the development of the region

Northeast to get India's first ever 'Air Dispensary'

The youth of J&K are very progressive: Dr. Jitendr Singh

To create employability, we need to explore new areas : Dr Jitendra Singh

We are now in a position to claim : Dr Jitendra Singh

India’s Space Mission to Moon, “Chandrayaan-II”, will take place in 2018

NE states should focus on manufacturing : Dr Jitendra Singh

These young students are going to have the privilege of being the architects of New India

Northeast offers the most unexplored but fertile ground for new investments