dr jitendra singh

Development is on the priority of the Government

Date is announced

Need to focus on monitoring the quality of grievances

DoPT has been working towards curbing stagnation in promotions

Taken various steps to promote the scientific temper

Inputs and suggestions were received

This demand is motivated

There is a lot to learn from North East

Maintaining service orientation is paramount for a civil servant

Governance can be Transformed through purposeful digitalization

Country has made progress

PM has very focused attention towards youth development

Step will help these families in meeting their livelihood needs

Will help the Ministry of Personnel to further improve upon this practice

State Governments should emulate this model

NSIL would spur the growth of Indian industries

This Bill in no way compromises the independence of RTI Act

Government has the right to proceed against the corrupt officials

Promotion is granted subject

Projects have been taken up across different States

North-East has undergone a revolutionary transformation

Women employees are an important part

Equitable development of all states has been the priority

India is the strongest hub of Traditional Medicine

India achieved a unique place in the international community

Future of India will depend on the youth

It is his considered view

Number of pensioners has increased

Analyse the root cause of grievances

Northeast may become a favourite destination for young Start-Ups