Dr. Jitendra Singh

Natural Immunity boosters are more effective than pharmacological ones

MDoNER is pro-actively assisting all the 8 North Eastern States

Because it will also serve to protect from many a lifestyle disease

India is proud of the fact that many Indian scientists are doing significant work in collaboration with international institutions

India could not only be self-reliant but could also offer reliance to other nations

India- Brazil joint venture in Space Technology will offer new opportunities

India is fast emerging as a frontline nation

UT of J&K was witnessing a revolution in healthcare with drastic improvements

ISRO has adopted Atal Tinkering Labs across the country in the field of space education and technology

ISRO has adopted Atal Tinkering Labs across the country in the field of space education and technology

Dr. Jitendra Singh hosted a Farewell Lunch

The Forces on the borders today feel much more confident

The new policy is not only progressive and visionary but is also in keeping with the emerging needs and requirements of 21st century India

India is fighting it with strategic alertness and prompt appropriate action and the international agencies

Even the COVID cannot deter our fight and crusade to eradicate corruption

Health and Wellness Programme will provide services to the needy people

India could play a vital role in global arena

Timely issue of the WFH guidelines would benefit employees

Country has been engaged in a war against the coronavirus

AYUSH Drugs and medicines are being distributed to all frontline staff and people to boost their immunity

Survey will serve as a benchmark for policy makers

Jammu and Kashmir would soon emerge as a model of transformation

Varanasi is the face of India’s ancient civilization and culture

Unveiled several sweeping administrative reforms

पूरा उपयोग नहीं हो पाया

Online Hackathon will evoke a significant response from all stakeholders

MGMG special issue could be brought out expeditiously

Have to take care of preventive part of healthcare system

Government had further strengthened the cause of transparency and accountability

Transparent governance is Government's priority