dr harsh vardhan

The Success of the TB Jan Andolan solely depends on activities reaching grassroots populations

The whole world is grappling with the devastating effects of COVID-19

God is omnipresent and to prove that he is omnipresent, he created mothers

We are yet to feel the slightest discomfort since our 1st dose

TB Mukt Bharat : India will be the textbook guidance to the world in TB elimination

The COVID pandemic abating in India

We are now working towards further augmenting our healthcare systems

India has received global attention and appreciation for the efficient and effective handling of COVID-19

Many countries have shown interest to emulate India’s successful journey

Maintaining a polio-free status for 10 years is a huge accomplishment in the history of public health in India

India is one of the few countries to halt the march of COVID-19 and simultaneously develop a vaccine for COVID

AtmaNirbhar Bharat has become one of the focal areas of our government

Ladakh region is dear to us in many ways

The Government of India stands ready to address any challenge

Health and well-being of the tribal population is of utmost importance to the government

Sweden India Health Talks -  Dr Harsh Vardhan will attend the inaugural session

India has one of the highest recovery rate in the whole world

Media should restraint itself from spreading unreliable information

India has crossed a landmark milestone on the journey of universal healthcare

We recognize the importance of engaging with BRICS countries

CFR stands at 1.51% and is moving towards the target of having CFR less than 1%”

When you respect your body, you are respecting yourselves as well

Governments, industry and philanthropy must pool resources to pay for the risk

Women must be empowered to decide for themselves

More than 5 million patients have been infected with Coronavirus

India will play a leading role in the future global political framework

we shall soon be able to achieve the New India

This has helped to keep India Case Fatality rate below the global average

India has undertaken pioneering research in antibiotic resistance

IRCS has been performing a major role during COVID-19 pandemic