Friday, September 20th, 2019

dr harsh vardhan

Committed for meeting all the set goals to eliminate HIV/AIDS by 2030

Ayushman Bharat Yojana is benefiting millions

This initial momentum be maintained in the implementation across the country

Committed for justice and equality of all individuals

No loss or damage to life

No child in the country should die

नेशनल मे‍डिकल कमीशन बि‍ल को राज्‍यसभा में मंजूरी

NMC Act is a progressive legislation

Five years ahead of the global target

Committed to eradicate TB by 2025.

Together we will be able to develop new approaches

Children are the true ambassadors of health

Department would be happy to support the state’s efforts

We have made a mark in history

We need to position health as a component of all public policies

Services back to normal

Progress and implementation of 2030 agenda is slow

Climate change become a global problem

All Research Fellows Also Entitled to HRA as per Central Government Norms

New India that we envisage is not only for humans but for every aspect including wildlife

Indian Scientists Comparable to the Global best

COP-24 should give equal focus to all agenda items

Daily cases of stubble burning were still running into thousands

Making Science and Tech more relevant for society

SMEs could be the cornerstone of partnership between the two countries

The number of Good, Satisfactory and Moderate days increased

WAYU devices can be deployed in bus shelters

India first country in the world to develop document on Cooling Action Plan

Human beings have put immense pressure on the systems of nature

The eco-tourism plan will identify locations