Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Covid 19 Vaccine development is a complex process

The consultation processes on different tracks have already started and are running in parallel

This law, once passed, will fill in the long-felt vacuum for regulation and development

The amalgamation of healthy food and physical activity will make India healthy

A big win for Digital India

Soon India will achieve more success in our fight against COVID-19

These Guidelines will help towards reducing the treatment gap for substance use disorders

MoES has ambitious plans

Let us assess present healthcare systems and innovate towards healthcare reforms for ensuring quality of care

Digital Health Blueprint to modernize the health sector and enable streamlined delivery of services to the last citizen

Centre is ready to deal with the COVID-19 patients

They are our real heroes

Reviews current status and containment measures of COVID-19

We need to be more disciplined in our COVID appropriate behaviour

Physical distancing is the most potent social vaccine available to us

Nation needs to shun stigma and applaud the contribution of these frontline healthcare providers

India has been the first country to urge consolidated global action to fight the challenge of COVID-19

This is a part of series of one-to-one discussions

Spitting in public places need to be banned

India’s fight against the Covid-19 is moving fast ahead strongly and steadily

These habits will help us in combating COVID-19

India is prepared and fighting with the pandemic through its various timely measures and sturdy systems of surveillance

IRCS does not wait for orders from anyone

use of technology is integral for the containment strategy forCOVID-19

The fight of India with COVID is lauded not only by WHO but by the whole world in unison

COVID-19 : India is having a mortality rate of around 3%, and around 86% of fatality of persons with co-morbidity

Group of Ministers had detailed deliberation on containment and management of COVID-19

Industry sector plays a pivotal role in its growth story

कोविड-19 की तैयारियों का जायजा - डॉ. हर्षवर्धन पहुंचे LNJP अस्‍पताल

COVID-19 : Being regularly monitored at the highest level