Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Businesses and industry must come together and partner with the government to become a greater force in fighting this growing threat

Vaccine will be remembered like a Sanjeevani for clinching the Victory over COVID

India’s exercise to vaccinate its population against COVID19 shall be the largest immunization drive of the world

India can progress only if each citizen progresses

GOI’s aim of striving to achieve the WHO target of doctor-patient ratio of ‘1 for every 1000’ by this year itself

Today, the country is in the forefront of developing vaccines against COVID-19

Studying medicine is itself a rigorous task

COVID-19 vaccination trial run to begin tomorrow

A risk based stratified approach needs to be formulated with clear activities and responsibilities

This will be a landmark in the area of medical education

We all need to be more vigilant for the entire festive season

The country is now witnessing substantial improvements in COVID parameters

This ought to serve as a good lesson for all the state government which were being negligent in planning for the festival season

India on the road to be trans-fat free by 2022

India is continuously recording new milestones in treatment of Covid

One vaccine or vaccine manufacturer will not be able to fulfil the requirements of vaccinating the whole country

Their unanimous passage indicates the consensus in reviving traditional systems of medicine

It is not possible to comment on the superiority of one vaccine over the other

Globally, women and children are losing access to 20% of their health and social services as a result of COVID-19

India is faring better than many developed countries

It is disheartening to see the susceptibility of people to heart disease and hypertension

India had made rapid strides in the manufacturing

Covid 19 Vaccine development is a complex process

The consultation processes on different tracks have already started and are running in parallel

This law, once passed, will fill in the long-felt vacuum for regulation and development

The amalgamation of healthy food and physical activity will make India healthy

A big win for Digital India

Soon India will achieve more success in our fight against COVID-19

These Guidelines will help towards reducing the treatment gap for substance use disorders

MoES has ambitious plans