Department of Science & Technology

Aegis announces its 2nd Edition of Data Science Congress

The problem of climate change can be tackled by adopting alternative energy sources : Dr. Harsh Vardhan

NIIST institution is developing technology processes : Dr Harsh Vardhan

We are now having another Prime Minister who wants to put science to use for achieving extraordinary things and restore glory to India : Dr. Harsh Vardhan

MoU will usher in a new era of cooperation : Dr. K. Vijay Raghwan

New studies reported abnormal gene transcription : Milind Deora

Role of India in the discovery of Higgs Boson is significant : Dr. T Ramasami

Most of these landslides occur in the remote areas of the country : Shashidhar Reddy

समय की जरूरत है कि‍ हम शि‍क्षण के पुराने तरीकों को छोड़े : कपि‍ल सि‍ब्‍बल