Department of Biotechnology

Provided opportunity to showcase the potential

Cluster-based innovation should be leveraged upon as the focal point of competitiveness

India- Netherlands- Sweden collaborative programme on HIV/AIDS Research

We have also invested in people through our institutions of higher education: President

Research and innovation has been one of the key areas emphasized by the PM

Dr. Harsh Vardhan Inaugurates Second Meeting of Interim Board of CEPI

All such technical advancement should be made accessible the needy poor also : Dr. Harsh Vardhan

DBT and RCUK India have signed a letter of intent to work together

Takes Stock of Issues Concerning Pharmaceutical Exports

We are now having another Prime Minister who wants to put science to use for achieving extraordinary things and restore glory to India : Dr. Harsh Vardhan

India produces 60 percent of the world’s vaccines and account for 60-80 percent of annual UN vaccine purchases - Ashwani Kumar

सरकार ने बनाया जैव कीटनाशक दवाओं के विकास के लिए कार्यक्रम