Vaccine reduces chance of black fungus

More than 38.18 crore vaccine doses have been provided to States/UTs so far

India’s cumulative vaccination coverage surpassed 36 crores yesterday

कई दूसरे देशों में वैक्सीन ने डेल्टा वैरिएंट के प्रसार को रोकने का काम किया

कोरोना नियम तोड़ने पर सख्ती जारी, लाजपत नगर मार्केट भी बंद

Real estate brands adopted COVID safety protocols

A number of steps have been taken to address the issue of resettlement

The Government has granted further extension of timelines of compliances under Income Tax Act

Daily positivity rate at 2.98%, less than 5% for 18 consecutive days

More than 47,00,000 vaccine doses are in the pipeline and will be received by the States/UTs within the next 3 days

Daily positivity rate at 2.91%, less than 5% for 17 consecutive days

वैक्सीन से पुरुषों के स्पर्म काउंट पर कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता

India not only fought its own battle, India also helped and continues to help friendly foreign nations to withstand COVID-19

Full vaccination coverage in rural areas is possible

More than 39,07,310 vaccine doses are in the pipeline and will be received by the States/UTs within the next 3 days

Covid vaccination would be available free of cost

India has reported less than 60,000 daily cases after 81 days

Rigorously implement public health, social measures: WHO

PM Modi’s address to be the highlight of televised lead event on 21st June 2021

Quick tests allow healthcare professionals to detect infected individuals quickly

UST Kochi Organizes Free Covid-19 Vaccination Drive for Employees and Family Members

India is self-sufficient in food grains

POWERGRID’s pan India Covid vaccination drive continues

The new UGC guidelines for Blended learning set’s the right direction for all Indian Universities

COVID-19 pandemic has played a havoc role for humans across the globe

Poddar Foundation Initiates WVU for Relief Community Services for Children

Dharmendra Pradhan assured to provide 1000 D-type oxygen cylinders

22.78 Cr. Vaccine Doses administered so far under Nationwide Vaccination Drive

कोरोना के स्ट्रेन से बचाव में सक्षम है फाइजर

Free education for children who lost their parents