Chief Minister Manohar Lal

Youth in Haryana got jobs in a transparent manner

We are aware of the problems

Youth are being provided government jobs

State is running many welfare schemes for the poor

Sacred festival gives people an opportunity

People of the state knows their Chief Minister better

We have given jobs to youth

​​We should all walk the path shown by the martyrs

Empowerment comes from knowledge

State prepared a new scheme for the conservation of electricity

Plants should be loved like children

Many schemes has started for welfare of the media persons

Programme is to make the students proficient

​ Haryana is way ahead of its neighbouring state​​

People should plant at least one plant

New dimensions of development have been established

10 years old Auto Rickshaws in Gurugram will now go off road

Make it more strict and practical

Present govt accelerated the pace of infrastructural development

Haryana Govt. signed four MoUs

HSSC Chairman would remain suspended

MOUs would facilitate investments in Haryana

CM Manohar lal signed two MOUs

CM Manohar lal invited Israeli Aerospace Industry

A special session would be called

State Government has taken several steps for the development of youth: Manohar Lal

Haryana govt. appoint city manager as District Urban Affairs Officer

State Government has implemented Saksham Yuva Yojna: Manohar Lal

After survey, grant would be given

CM Manohar Lal addressed ‘Hunkar Yuva Rally’