Captain Amarinder Singh

पंजाब आम आदमी पार्टी प्रमुख विपक्षी पार्टी

Congress can take a revolutionary decision

कैप्‍टन अमरिंदर स‍िंह बीजेपी के साथ थे और अकालियों की तरह काम कर रहे थे : चन्नी

अमित शाह से मिले कैप्टन

State remained fully peaceful

Government committed for the welfare of all sections of the society

Farmers should protest in Punjab while their fight was against the BJP-led government

Modernising the health care system corporation is Chief Minister's vision

Sacrifices of soldiers would be ever remembered

We have come to regard as Punjabiyat

Innovation mission punjab will unleash Punjab’s growth potential

Haryana does not give a single paisa to its farmers in power subsidy

Use of paddy straw as fuel

Now the students could apply for admission in different colleges while sitting at home

Pakistan would not leave any opportunity to take advantage of any vulnerability in Punjab

Cases are likely to double in the next 64 days

Consistent efforts of Congress government yielding positive results in education sector

It would inspire the youngsters to achieve their desired goals

Indian Hockey Team would certainly change the colour of medal

He will act according to the advice of medical experts: Captain Amarinder

Captain Amarinder urged PM Modi to reopen the Kartarpur Corridor

Lekhi has no right to defame farmers

अपने रुख पर कायम हैं अमरिंदर सिंह   

We have to be prepared for the third wave

Punjab Government is fully committed to the welfare of the farming community

State government is focusing on strengthening infrastructure

छूट के तहत नियुक्ति

Non-release of scholarship funds affect the education of SC students

Punjab Government is committed to provide all treatment services to COVID patients

Yogi is achieving is destroying the secular fabric of the country