The competition is open to all Indian Nationals

MRH would further enhance Indian Navy’s three dimensional capabilities

शेयरधारक समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर, राज्य की प्रगति की दिशा में अगला कदम

India and Nepal sign MoU on 679 MW Arun Hydro Electric Project to SJVN

APEDA would facilitate exports

We have seen a very difficult situation during the COVID-19 pandemic

New farm acts are very important

We ramped up our oxygen capacity

Environment Ministry has done many unprecedented works

He would make all efforts to deliver the responsibility placed on him

Ministry is constantly working on different alternative

Credit to farmers are crucial to sustain agriculture

Textiles sector is the biggest employer as well as the biggest exporter

Indian ethos is to love and live in harmony with nature

PMMSY is a dream scheme announced by the Prime Minister

Nirmala Sitharaman attends Third G20 FMCBG Meeting

Space technology is now being used in diverse sectors

Centre is running the longest ever exercise of distributing free food grains to people

Co-WIN is the crown jewel of the Digital India initiative

Ayush is going to play a big role in providing health security to Indian people

India and other developing countries are witnessing a very high rate of road accidents

कोरोना नियम तोड़ने पर सख्ती जारी, लाजपत नगर मार्केट भी बंद

Prices of essential commodities like pulses remain controlled

Government is committed to support all our vaccine developers

India is one of the few developing countries

Radio Vishwas helped bridge education gap

a system is very important for any organization

Fasal Bima Yojana aims to provide security cover to each farmer

Rethink and redevelop our health and medical infrastructure

Our scientists and doctors have found solutions for all the challenges