Bandaru Dattatreya

Haryana is a progressive and resourceful State

State can be developed as a model in the country

Haryana is the holy land whose people have made supreme sacrifices in the independence struggle of the country

Universities are fully prepared

Special attention should be paid to the quality of construction works

Maximum focus would be on making the state drug free

Dharmasthali will be developed as world pilgrimage city and divine Kurukshetra: Dattatreya

Bandaru Dattatreya took oath as the 18th Governor of Haryana

India has always adhered to the principle of CBDR: Bandaru

Existing Labour Laws should be broadly grouped into four or five Labour Codes on functional basis

MoU will help in spreading awareness for healthy working conditions

No development was complete unless it benefitted each and every person in the society

Committed to the safety, health and welfare of the working class

NSCI Safety Awards’ for the year 2016 will be presented by the Bandaru Dattatreya

Aadhaar Seeding Application launched

Universal Account Number allotted to construction workers is over 50 lakhs

Indian Labour market is becoming more vibrant : Dattatreya

18 Model Career Centres to be established in North East Region: Bandaru Dattatreya

Bonded Labour System has been abolished by law

India is going to be the most competitive country in field of technology

ESIC has become one of the largest social security organizations

India strongly adhere to the ethos of tripartism

Understanding Minimum Wages and Bonus

Bandaru Dattatreya Presents Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar & National Safety Awards for 2014

The country is in an unique and advantageous position : Bandaru Dattatreya

Central Government’s emphasis is on good governance : Bandaru

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation Gets Skoch Awards for Smart Governance Initiatives - Bandaru Dattatreya Congratulates

ESIC has made a remarkable progress : bandaru dattatreya

Government Working Positively on 9 of the 12 Demands of Trade Unions : Bandaru Dattatreya

Tripartite Consultation held on Amendments to Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Act,1948