Arunendra Kumar

We need funds to invest in various pending projects and future projects : Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu

Private investment would be used to modernize Railways : Prime Minister

Ministry of Railways organized an Investors Meet

There is a need to change the energy mix so that long term dependence on fossil fuel can be reduced : Suresh Prabhu

Indian Railways is mostly viewed as a vital service provider and key driver of Indian economy : Sadananda Gowda

The use of social media has been the forte of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi : Railway Minister

This is a day that brings speed and energy to the development of Jammu and Kashmir : Prime Minister

Indian Railways Launches a Book ‘India Junction – A Window to The Nation’

Transportation and logistics are the back-bone of any economy : Arunendra Kumar

RailTel has created the state of the art optical fibre infrastructure so as to deliver secure : Arunendra Kumar