Arjun Ram Meghwal

PFC Bags The Prestigious Governance Now Psu Award

Electric Mobility Mission will be implemented

Approved Revised Cost of the Project

These students definitely have the capability to join politics

The students to join politics and focus on developmental issues

Many local issues sorted out by healthy discussions

100 water bodies were cleaned through shramdaan

Government is giving proper attention on development of infrastructure projects

We have to stop this

उभरते भारत में वित्तीय समावेशन

Financial Inclusion in Rising India

More than 1100 searches and surveys were conducted by the ITD

CEL Receives national award for excellence in cost management

देश की उन्नति में सहयोग करना ही राष्ट्रधर्म

Year of reforms aimed to bring India on a level playing field with developed Nations of the world : Arjun Ram Meghwal

About 8000 companies have participated in the CSR activities in the country

Cash has always been a facilitator of black money

India has witnessed historic and impactful economic reforms and policy making : FM

Help to farmers after demonetization - NABARD has made available Rs.21,000 crores limit to the DCCBs

Awareness Programme by RBI post demonetization - steps have been taken to popularise cashless transactions

NHAI would intervene with one time fund infusion in languishing projects affected by lack of funds

Data analytics in assessing the quality of Government expenditure and revenue : FM