Anil Rajput

Penetration of mobile phones higher than glasses in india, only 50% of population who needs it actually wear them

20 minutes of Healthy Emotional diet can help deal with Stress better

Obesity the new disease that needs to be taken seriously owing to the sedentary lifestyles created in the face of COVID-19

ILLICIT cigarette smuggling is a formidable challenge before the Nation

Don’t Ignore Symptoms like Chest Pain, Exhaustion even if there is no Fever

Chhattisgarh govt committed to promote local products, eliminate illicit trade in the State

Programme to promote healthy living with focus on wellness and preventive health through healthy habits, diet, exercise, and holistic health

Gold, Cigarette and Liquor, having high tax arbitrage top the list of smuggled goods

Over 3.34 Lakhs Jobs are lost due to smuggling of cigarettes

Need for a coordination agency to address menace of economic crimes 

FICCI CASCADE and TRACIT issues warning on illicit products during Coronavirus crisis