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Anand Sharma and UP CM Launch DMIC Project in uttar Pradesh

Indian Products Clear Market Access Issues in the Custom Union

We will do the best under the circumstances to protect the legal interests of the UAE investors, without violating any judicial orders : Anand Sharma

Japan is India’s biggest development partner and India is the biggest recipeient of Japans Overseas Development aid : Anand Sharma

Anand Sharma Discusses Post Bali Progress with DG WTO in Davos

We are firmly committed to wide-ranging initiatives aimed at fostering the business environment in the country in a holistic manner : Anand Sharma

Anand Sharma welcomed the Order on edible oil

खाली प्रोजेक्ट के लिए 200 करोड़ रुपये का खर्च

Data sharing with government departments would increase transparency, reduce the human interface and improve the ease of doing business in India : Anand Sharma

India stands committed to the roadmap for bilateral trade normalization as was worked out in September 2012 between Commerce Secretaries of India and Pakistan : Anand Sharma

Interests of millions of subsistence farmers, and food security is essential for over 4 billion people world wide : Anand Sharma

National Manufacturing Policy would increase Gross Domestic Product of manufacturing industries from 16 to 25 per cent : Anand Sharma

If you have a Joint Task Force between the Government and the Industry, the same the government accepts : Anand Sharma

TERC Gives Clear Mandate For FTA Negotiations

We discussed and noted the emerging opportunities in both the countries : Anand Sharma

Business Matching’ to Yield Dividends for Auto, Energy and Creative Sectors

Current Economic Situation has not Reduced Interest in India : Lilianne Ploumen

Anand Sharma Attends US-India CEO Forum Meeting

Anand Sharma Meets USTR Michael Froman

Anand Sharma Meets French President Hollande

The Indian Ocean Rim region has exhibited healthy prospects for both international and intra-regional trade : Anand Sharma

Anand Sharma Leaves for Mauritius to Attend IOR-ARC Economic and Business Conference

We had announced that export of high- tech products will be encouraged : Anand Sharma

Over thirty North Ireland companies have commercial operations in India. “Indian IT companies : Anand Sharma

India will also cooperate with Myanmar in formulating a common compliance code for standards and also the best practices in the factories : Anand Sharma

The bids of the shortlisted Indian companies may seriously be considered : Anand Sharma

India stands ready to continue to assist Myanmar in the development of its infrastructural projects : Anand Sharma

भाजपा करेगी खालिद मुजाहिद के गरीब परिवार का विरोध – नहीं मिलने देगी मुआफ़जा