amit shah

This Made in India vaccine is a proof of the determination of Atmanirbhar Bharat

The coal sector would play a key role in achieving the target of a 5 trillion dollar economy : HM

Scheme will prove to be a boon for cottage industry

A momentous achievement for India!

This day marks an important milestone in the developmental journey of Manipur

The citizens of Jammu and Kashmir will not need to travel beyond Jammu and Kashmir for specialized health services

India will always remain grateful to Subhas Chandra Bose

This assistance will be directly deposited in the accounts of farmers

The Modi Government is committed to work for the welfare of deprived sections

This initiative is a step in making COVID-19 testing affordable and more accessible to the common person

This was considered essential in order to bring down the positivity rate in Delhi

The Eighteen more individuals declared as terrorists

Only a united and determined India can overcome this pandemic

Proper nutrition is the right of every citizen

अमित शाह का बंगाल दौरा रद्द 

It will help in improving the quality of education

Now they will get easy loans from banks and they too will be able to fulfil their dreams

A global pandemic like Covid-19 can be fought only when all the countrymen come together

Every Indian today is working towards re-establishing India as a Vishwa Guru

Congratulations to BRO for working relentlessly on this unprecedented project

The government has created proper marketing channels including tie-up with the Indian Railway for selling their products

Development is not possible without proper funds

Now it will be virtually reaching to your homes this year

Government will give farmers their rightful dues

Agricultural reforms of Modi Govt will bring a positive transformation in the lives of farmers

It will create job opportunities for the people

Sri Darbar Sahib’s divinity gives strength to us

Let us all take a pledge and contribute towards a malnutrition-free India

Pranab Da's life will always be cherished for his impeccable service and indelible contribution to our motherland

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs asks States to allow unhindered movement of persons and goods and services during Unlock-3