Saturday, September 21st, 2019

amit shah

​There is a need to establish Forensic Science University to ensure accurate investigation​ : Amit Shah

NRC की जरूरत नहीं

Council will take up issues

Wanted to create a powerful Nation with empowered citizens

Made action plan for solving the problem of naxalism

Democracy is not possible in India

बीजेपी में शामिल होने के लिए लगी नेताओं की लाइन

Solution would be found as quickly as possible

Police reforms is a continuously evolving, never-ending process

Time has come for the security forces to formulate a proactive strategy

उग्रवाद का खात्मा करने राज्य सरकार प्रतिबद्ध

धारा 370 के बाद अब नक्सलियों के खिलाफ अभियानों की होगी समीक्षा

Politicians only get elected for five years

​West Zone has been instrumental in giving impetus to the Indian economy

HLC chaired by Amit Shah approves Rs 4432.10 crore of additional Central assistance

North-east will soon become a favourite destination and role model for whole India

He was proud of having voted against ending the social evil of Triple Talaq

This was a step that previous governments did not take

There should be no opposition

Delay in such cases would erode public confidence

The status of J&K would be restored once the situation normalises

Scrapping of Article a historic decision

Capt Amarinder overreacting on Kashmir just to please Gandhi family: Tarun Chugh

Government brings Resolution to Repeal Article 370 of the Constitution

Because of article 370, democracy never took root in J&K

Terrorism has no religion and individuals of one religion must not be victimized

Modi government has laid the foundation to make India $5 trillion economy

Union Home Minister received a dividend cheque

BJP leader to take up issue with PM Modi

Democratic institutions cannot function amidst an environment of distrust