Sweden and Finland clear the way for NATO membership

Amid continued attacks on Ukraine by Russia, the Senate has ratified membership proposals for Sweden and Finland in NATO in the US Parliament, completing the process of voting and debate. This is seen as a significant step in the expansion of the Western military alliance.

During the voting process on Wednesday, 95 votes were cast in favor while one vote was given against the motion. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer invited ambassadors from both countries to the Chamber Gallery to show the voting process. US President Joe Biden, who played a key role in aiding Ukraine globally, has called for Sweden and Finland to join the NATO grouping as soon as possible.

President Joe Biden sent protocol to the US Senate for approval in July, paving the way for a voting process that needed to be passed by two-thirds of the Senate to be successful. The final number of Senate votes cast for Sweden and Finland joining the NATO group was 95 to 1, with Missouri’s GOP Sen. Josh Hawley voting against the proposal.

Senate Amy Klobuchari said that throughout this voting process, an attempt has been made to send a strong message to Russia. This is a warning to tyrants around the world who believe that democracy can be taken over. At the same time, he also said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine without any reason has changed the way we think about world security.

It is known that Biden encouraged Sweden and Finland to join NATO and in May met the heads of government of both countries at the White House. The ambassadors of the countries were invited by the Senate to witness the historic debate and vote to become new members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). President Joe Biden has called for the approval of two former non-military Northern European partners to join the military alliance and to speed up the process of ratification at its bipartisan Congress. PLC/GT


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