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New Delhi,
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today instructed the Health Ministry to establish mechanisms to ensure accountability among doctors and health officials in the public sector. Chairing a high-level meeting on healthcare, the Prime Minister said that in order to achieve the desired goal of health for all, there is need to substantially improve the efficiency of existing mechanisms and schemes. Giving an example of insurance, the Prime Minister called for establishing synergy in all schemes for the health sector being run by the Central and State Governments.

Reviewing progress of key health indicators such as under-5 mortality rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio, the Prime Minister asked for specific identification of worst-performing districts, and even within them, particular blocks which required maximum attention. He said these areas should be targeted in a two-pronged approach – prioritized health intervention, and appropriate social interventions to dispel local beliefs and customs that may be hindering progress. He said animation films should be shown to women in health centres immediately post-delivery, to promote good health and nutrition habits. He said simple technology interventions such as SMS should be used to reach ASHA workers across the country on a real-time basis.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the effects of Swachhta Abhiyan should also become visible in hospitals and public health facilities across the country. Officials from the Health Ministry said that Swachhta Abhiyan would contribute greatly to achieving health goals. The Prime Minister asked for a comprehensive audit of all medical equipment in public health facilities.

Describing Yoga as one of the most-effective preventive health mechanisms, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to draw up plans for International Yoga Day, on June 21st.

Expressing acute concern about the prevalence of diseases like encephalitis, especially among children, the Prime Minister asked officials to prepare a roadmap to tackle such diseases, just like natural disasters and other national calamities are tackled.

The Prime Minister referred to an earlier announcement made by him, of India’s promise of help to ensure that the entire SAARC region becomes polio-free. He asked the Health Ministry to prepare a proper follow-up action plan in this regard.

The Prime Minister called for institutionalizing a comprehensive database, containing individual health records, which could be eventually linked to the Aadhar system.

Health Minister JP Nadda, and senior officers of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and PMO were present on the occasion


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