Swachh Bharat ambassador DP Sharma has an important message for Indian youth and academicians By Zakir Hussein

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DP Sharma is a Computer Scientist, Digital Diplomacy Expert and a legendary personality of Rajasthan. He also supports Swachh Bharat, and Smart City Mission of India, disability Rights and other social causes. Now that the lockdown is completely lifted and in the coming days, DP Sharma gave an important message for everyone including youth and academicians. Since 2017, he’s been associated with Swachh Bharat Mission. In his new campaign, he has a great advice to curb the spread of the new Corona threat via social distancing and sanitization.

An Untold Story about the Struggle and Determination of Dr. DP Sharma
An Untold Story about the Struggle and Determination of Dr. DP Sharma

An Untold Story about the Struggle and Determination of Dr. DP Sharma

DP Sharma talks about the importance of maintaining hygiene and sanitation, which should be our priority right now. The scientist said, “When youth and academicians all over the country decided that they would educate everyone…to close the door, shun the disease, no one had thought that their initiative would turn into such a huge wave! Today, in the new outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, we all have to again remember and remind others about the lesson of cleanliness.”

DP Sharma
DP Sharma

Peace Messenger Honor to Dr. D P Sharma


He further talks about how dangerous it is for everyone to openly defecate on the road sides and urinate anywhere. “If we take care of cleanliness around us, by not defecating or urinating in the open, we will keep ourselves healthy and our nation India clean. He said, World Health Organization (WHO) motivates us to keep our surroundings neat and clean. If we will adapt cleanliness culture in our routine lives, we will become strong to fight against any kinds of future diseases or viruses. Drive the disease out of the country by stopping defecating and urinating in the open and closing the toilet door at all times.”


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  1. Welcome Dr D P Sharma.
    I am fortunate enough that I in contact with you.
    God bless you with good health and happiness in life and success in your mission.


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