Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan at an Orphanage

Dr.-Amit-Upadhyay,-CEO-of-HINVC NEWS

India recently celebrated its 69th Independence day with a number of events organized across the country to express patriotism in its own way. Dr. Amit Upadhyay, CEO of Horizon Outsource Solutions Pvt. Ltd visited an orphanage to spread the message of Clean India at The League of Mercy Shelter Home in Mumbai. The League of Mercy provides shelter to girls who are abandoned and have no one to look after. India is home to 31 million orphaned children according to a report by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Such shelter homes are doing a wonderful job of looking after these kids. Dr. Upadhyay visited The League of Mercy along with his family and spent the day with kids from the age of 6 years to 16 years. The kids enthusiastically participated in a quiz contest on India organized by Horizon Outsource Solutions and proved that knowledge knows no boundaries. “Because of the fast paced urban lifestyle, we often forget our moral and social responsibilities towards our country. We at Horizon Solutions have taken a small step towards making India a better place to live and we shall keep taking such initiatives in the future as well”, says Dr. Amit Upadhyay, CEO, Horizon Outsource Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Upadhyay educated children on the Swacch Bharat Campaign and the importance of keeping the surrounding clean. The kids promptly started to clean up the entire shelter home and surrounding area and took an oath to keep the environment clean and green. “This shelter home is our house and we all stay here happily like a family. We do want to get bitten by mosquitoes and suffer from diseases. We will ensure that our house and the surrounding area is kept clean every day.” expressed a 9 year old girl from The League of Mercy. Horizon Outsource Solutions is one of the leading players today and delivers customised, high quality and cost saving services to its clients across various industries. Horizon Outsource Solutions provides services like Business Process Outsourcing, Voice and Non-Voice call center, Customer service and Customer care. What started as a vision of Dr. Amit Upadhyay in the year 2010, it currently has a workforce of over 3000 employees. The company also recently announced training and employing over 25,000 Semi/Non-skilled workers across cities in India.



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