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Cravings are a part and parcel during pregnancy and all credits to our hormones. But one cannot accommodate everything, in order to satiate our taste buds. Most foods are safe for the consumption of pregnant women. On the other hand, there is an extended list which pregnant women should escape.

Pregnancy is a very crucial yet delicate stage in the life of a woman. It is often exposed to various risks and threats. Therefore, one must take appropriate precautions to avoid any kind of mishaps.

Here are few food and beverages for women to minimize, during her pregnancy as suggested by Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior gynecologist, International Fertility Center

1.     High-Mercury Fish – Mercury is an element found in oceans and lakes. It gets converted into Methyl Mercury in the human body. It is a Neuro toxin and eventually leads to damaging the brain and leads to developmental delays in the baby. Foods like sushi are rich in high-mercury fish.

2.     Smoked Seafood – Intake of smoked seafood leads to development of bacteria that might develop into chronic diseases in the baby or even miscarriages. It also has high level of salt, which increases the blood pressure levels and swelling in the body for both, mother and the baby.

3.     Unpasteurized Milk and Cheese – Pasteurization is the most effective way for killing germs and bacteria in any product. Thus, it is not advisable for any pregnant women to intake any food without killing its bacteria. These bacterial can have an everlasting effect on the life of the baby.

4.     Junk food – Pregnant women should bid adios to junk food at the time of conceiving. Junk foods lead to excessive weight gain and gestational problems which might be unpleasant for the life of the baby.

5.     Caffeine – Drinks like coffee or aerated drinks like Coca-Cola have an ample amount of caffeine content in them. High intake of caffeine can restrict or hamper the growth of the baby. Thus, expecting mothers must avoid caffeine. It can also lead to lower body weight of the child.

In India, eating Sushi is the latest trend. People have developed a fondness and consume this Japanese delicacy relishly. Sushi contains fish. Fish have high content mercury levels since the water is contaminated and polluted. It is often said that only some fish have high mercury levels but pregnant women must avoid having sushi.

“One should be very selective and prudent about what to eat during pregnancy. One should always opt for healthier foods and cross the unhealthy ones. Also, opt for processed foods which are free from bacteria. These precautions shall help in fostering the baby well and going in for fresh fruits and vegetables will be all the more healthy. Street foods, sugar rich foods, leftovers and canned foods should be avoided” Dr. Bakshi added.


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