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Monday, October 18th, 2021

Survey on Household Consumer Expenditure, Social Consumption on Health and Education will commence from this month


Shimla ,
Department of Economics and Statistics is organising  two day State level training cum conference of National Sample Survey (NSS) at Shimla on  21st and 22nd July, 2017 to train  field staff about the concepts, definitions, Survey design and procedures. The NSS will cover the subject Household Consumer Expenditure, Household Social Consumption on Health and Household Social Consumption on Education. The survey work will start from the last week of July, 2017 and will be completed by the end of June, 2018. The training programme was inaugurated by Shri Pradeep Chauhan, Economic Advisor to the Government of Himachal Pradesh. In his introductory remarks he highlighted the role of this survey in developing a sound statistical database and expressed his confidence that the data generated by the survey would form an important input to planners, policy makers, researchers and various other agencies for monitoring and evaluation of policies on education and health at State, National as well as International level. The main objective of the survey on Household Social Consumption on Health’ is to study the benefits derived by various sections of population from the investments made by the Government as well as by the private sector in the field of health, provide state wise estimates of the utilization of the curative health care services, morbidity profile of the population, hospitalized and non-hospitalized treatment of ailments and estimates of expenditure incurred for treatment of ailments. The main objective of the survey on Household Social Consumption on Education is to obtain data on nature and quantum of benefits received by the people from Government as well as corporate/private institutional expenditure on educational services and expenditure incurred by the households on education. The objective of the consumer expenditure survey is to find an indicator for level of living among different part of population, food consumption and monthly per capita expenditure of a household. The survey will be conducted by State Government for 216 Rural and 56 Urban samples which spread over the whole geographical area of the State The Economic Adviser made an appeal to the people of Himachal Pradesh to cooperate, as before, with the field staff of Economics and Statistics Department in providing them correct and authentic information as and when they visit their household. Shri Vinod Kumar Rana, Joint Director, also attended the conference.



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