Supreme Court to Hear Petition Against New Criminal Laws 2024


A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court against three new criminal laws. The Supreme Court will hear this petition on Monday. The petition claims that there are many inconsistencies in the new criminal laws. A vacation bench of Justice Bela M Trivedi and Justice Pankaj Mittal will hear the petition. Advocate Vishal Tiwari has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against three new criminal laws. It has been said in the petition that a ban has been sought from implementing new criminal laws.

It is alleged that these laws were not debated in the Parliament and when the opposition MPs were suspended, these laws were passed by the Parliament. The petition demands that a committee of experts be constituted to examine the practicality of the criminal laws. The petition alleges that the new criminal laws are much more stringent and will establish police rule in the country.

These laws violate the fundamental rights of the people of the country. These laws are even more stringent than the English laws. In the old laws, there is a provision to keep a person in police custody for 15 days, but in the new laws this limit has been increased to 90 days.


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