Supreme Court Refuses to Pardon Baba Ramdev, Orders Reappearance on April 23rd


New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Tuesday also refused to pardon Baba Ramdev and ordered him to appear on April 23.

Justice Hima Kohli asked Ramdev, ‘Should we forgive you for what you have done? Do you know what you did?’ On this Baba Ramdev said that we have made a mistake, for that we have also presented an apology and we are apologizing again.

Baba Ramdev again told the Supreme Court that we are apologizing and will take 100% care of this in future and it will not be repeated. On this the court said that we have not yet made up our mind whether to forgive you or not… you have violated not once but thrice.

Don’t talk like this. It doesn’t seem so from your attitude. We will not issue orders. The court said that it will hear the case again on April 23 and both will have to appear in the court again.


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